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The decision to play Beetle Mania Deluxe is one that players will take after they explore all of the various games that are available to be played online. The range of games available for players to play online is vast and the games offered cover lots of different themes and present lots of different stories to players. The play Beetle Mania Deluxe game offers players a musical themed game that is presented in fun and cute animated graphics. The other themes in the Novomatic range that players could decide to play include history, action and adventure, explorer, traditional and fantasy games. The play Beetle Mania Deluxe game offers players a very different original themed slot game that users will enjoy playing. The musical theme of the slot game centre’s on the world famous band the Beetles who were a very famous rock and roll band from the 1960’s, the band featured four members who came from Liverpool. The Beetles band success was so huge that they are still to this day the largest ever selling musical group. Players who decide to play Beetle Mania Deluxe may be fans of the band or just music lovers and these people will definitely really enjoy the theme that the slot game creates.

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The play Beetle Mania Deluxe game is a moderately challenging slot game that is presented to players on a five reel and ten win line set up. This set up of the slot game allows players to choose between one and ten win lines that they would like to play with. Players should play Beetle Mania Deluxe with ten win lines if they want to stand the largest chance of winning when they spin the reels. The more win lines that a player decides to spin with costs the player more money so if the player wants to spend less credits and play for longer they should play with a very low number of lines. The play Beetle Mania Deluxe game also offers players the chance to play a slot game with three excellent bonus features. The different bonus rounds are designed to give players a chance to win some good amounts of money and to raise the player’s interest levels. The bonus rounds include a substituting bonus, a scatter bonus and the gamble bonus feature. The play Beetle Mania Deluxe game has the overall playing aim of creating a win line that is five of the same symbols across the five reels.

The graphics produced control the visual effects that players see in the play Beetle Mania Deluxe slot game and this is very important as this is a main factor effecting a player’s enjoyment. The slot has excellent cartoon animation that portrays different characters on the reels. These animated characters look fantastic with cartoon faces drawn on them to give them different personalities. These characters are different creepy crawlies that you could expect to see at the bottom of a garden they include bees, butterflies, snails, slugs, ladybirds and beetles. These different creatures in the play Beetle Mania Deluxe slot are all designed in great cartoon drawings so that they look very fat and colourful. The various creepy crawly characters have their own individual dances and performances that they perform when they land on the reels. The performances are hilarious and very cute and certain types of players will find these actions very entertaining. The graphics in the play Beetle Mania Deluxe slot in addition to producing great cartoon animation also provide the players with an excellent background that features different musical instruments. The musical instruments in the play Beetle Mania Deluxe game enhance the delivery of the musical theme for players.

The sound effects of the play Beetle Mania Deluxe slot game are another key important feature effecting a player’s enjoyment. The sound effects create through their electronic cords a very relaxing playing environment for players. The play Beetle Mania Deluxe game has different individual sound effects for each and every different win line combination that can be rolled in on the reels. The sound effects sound fantastic when they play as players will hear a different new sound effect for each winning line combination. A unique sound effect for each bonus feature is also played in the game. The play Beetle Mania Deluxe game includes a very risky gamble bonus feature and the sound effects change during this feature and quicken so that a high tempo playing environment is created. This gamble bonus feature in the play Beetle Mania Deluxe game is excellent and gives players a chance to double their prize fund. The bonus works by the player being shown a deck of cards and asked what colour the next card drawn from the deck will be. The bet is essentially a fifty / fifty one that can result in the player doubling or losing their entire winning fund.

The other two bonus features in the play Beetle Mania Deluxe game are the substitute and the scatter bonus feature. The scatter bonus is potentially very lucrative for players as they can win ten free spins if they manage to spin in three of the musical note symbols on the screen. The free spins can be very beneficial to players and if the player manages to spin a beetle into the middle reel all winnings are doubled. The substitute bonus in the play Beetle Mania Deluxe game is very beneficial as the bee symbol has the ability to swap with any other symbol on the board to help create a winning line combination. These three bonuses are great at raising players winning chances when they play Beetle Mania Deluxe and if players use these features wisely they can be very successful when playing this game. The graphics and the sound effects that the game offers to players are fantastic and players will love the cartoon animated creatures. These cartoon animations in the play Beetle Mania Deluxe game present great characters on the screen and players will love the different fun and cute personalities that are created.