Beetle Mania Deluxe Game

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The Beetle Mania Deluxe game is one of the premier slots in the Novomatic range due to its unique theme and market leading visual effects. The Novomatic range is responsible for a huge range of casino slot games that cover a wide variety of themes and story lines. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game covers a musical theme so is therefore targeted towards music fans. The slot game also targets itself towards cartoon and animated film fans as the game is presented in fantastic animation so these sorts of fans will really like the games theme. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game will appeal to people who like animated films like Ants, Shrek and Toy Story as these films are all fun and light hearted which is the same feeling the slot game gives to players. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game has real heart and feeling as the game presents some very strong characters through the symbols that are featured on the reels. The characters in the game are all different creepy crawlies including the bee, beetle, snail, slug and the ladybird. The game presents these different creatures in an animated cartoon finish that looks fantastic as the various creatures are all detailed in bright colours and look comically fat on the screen.

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The different themes that are available in the Novomatic range include an action and adventure, explorer, fantasy, classic and history themed game. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game represents this musical and animated theme and is targeted at both music and cartoon fans. The next important feature of a casino slot game after the theme is the graphics that the game uses to visually display the theme. The visual effects in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game are superb as the musical theme is presented through the slots background and the games cartoon element is shown through the symbols. The background of the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is a concert stage holding lots of musical instruments including speakers, guitars, microphones and drums. This concert stage is displayed in a dark blue and black colour that accurately reflects the concert hall and looks fantastic on the screen. The symbols of the Beetle Mania Deluxe game are the different creepy crawlies that are animated beautifully well. These different creepy crawlies all have their own individual colour and unique faces that look excellent on the screen. The title text of the game is displayed in a funky very brightly coloured font and features a beetle flying through the centre of the text.

The next important element of a casino game that heavily influences a player’s enjoyment is the sound effects that are played. The sound effects of the Beetle Mania Deluxe game have the intention of raising the fun levels for players whilst creating a relaxing playing environment. The casino slot having a relaxing environment is very important as players can be risking large amounts of cash when they are playing and having soothing sounds is very beneficial to the player. The various win line combinations in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game result in the games characters doing a unique dance and in addition to this all the different combinations have a unique sound effect. This unique sound effect adds lots of value to the players overall experience when playing the casino slot game. The different bonus rounds in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game also have their own special sound effects to signify that they have been activated. The next important factor for players after the theme, graphics and sound effects is the game play that is offered to players. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game offers player’s outstanding bonus features and a very advantageous slot format these are the two key elements contributing to a slots performance.

The slot format in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is a five reel and ten win line system which is fairly average in the Novomatic range. The highest found in the range is twenty and the lowest is one, so players will find that the ten win line set up is a good average amount. Players have the flexibility to choose between one and ten win lines in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game. The more win lines that a player selects gives them a larger chance of being successful when the reels are spun as more winning combinations can be made. The three bonuses that players can aim for in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game can really result in some large winning amounts for players. The first of these bonuses is the scatter bonus that is represented by the musical note symbol. Players in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game must spin in three of these musical note symbols on the screen to trigger ten free spins. The ten free spins can result in numerous different winning combinations being achieved by the player and if the player manages to spin a beetle symbol on the middle reel then all previous winnings are doubled.

The second bonus that players can win in the exciting Beetle Mania Deluxe game is the substitute bonus. This allows players the chance to swap the special substituting symbol with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. The substituting symbol in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is the bee symbol and this symbol dramatically increases player’s chances of successfully lining up five symbols across the reels. The last bonus feature in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is the gamble bonus feature which gives players a chance to double or lose their entire winning fund. This bet works by the player being shown a pack of cards and being asked to choose if the next card drawn from the deck will be black or red. This is a very risky fifty / fifty bet where the player runs a risk of losing everything. Players can either accept or decline this challenge and wise players will only play this feature at the right time. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game offers players a great game playing experience on top of the games original theme and excellent graphics and sound effects.