Beetle Mania Deluxe

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One of cleverest games in the Novomatic range is also one of the most popular and successful with a huge worldwide fan base. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game offers players a great theme and a fantastic playing experience through the graphics, sound effects and the game play that is offered to players. The theme of the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is a mixture between animated insects and music. This mixture of themes is the clever feature of the Beetle Mania Deluxe slot as the game has a musical theme as well as a fun animated insect one. The game producers when designing the slot game decided there was a large gap in the market for an excellent animated fun slot. Cartoon animation is famous for providing fun and cute characters and this game is no different as players will fall in love with the characters presented. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game will appeal to players who enjoy animated cartoon films like Shrek, Toy Story and Ants as these types of individuals will love the finish of this slot game. The cartoon animation creates a very fun and relaxed playing environment for players with the games characters providing some funny moments.

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The Beetle Mania Deluxe game as well as having an animated insect theme has a secondary musical theme and this centre’s around the world famous band the Beetles. This band was active between 1960 and 1970 and was one of the most famous bands of all time producing many smash hits. The band was from the Liverpool area in England and had four members who played the very popular rock n roll style of music. The Beetle Mania Deluxe game aims to appeal to music fans and fans of this particular band will love this slot game. The clever mixture in themes between animated insects and this world famous band is something players will love as it is a very original idea. The theme is guaranteed to entertain players and the other important elements that a slot game needs to do well include the graphics, sound effects and the game play. The graphics are very important as this is what a player sees when they load the Beetle Mania Deluxe game, it is the players whole visual impression of the slot game. The different visual elements of the Beetle Mania Deluxe game include the background, symbols and the title text of the slot.

The background of the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is a dark blue and black which looks like the inside of a pub and the background shows many different instruments. The background creates an image of a stage where the band look out over the pub and the instruments on display include guitars, drums, microphones and speakers. This is a fantastic background that really adds to the games musical band theme and creates a great atmosphere for the player. The symbols used in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game are all different insects and are displayed in wonderful cartoon animation. The insects are presented in the game through the symbols and include a butterfly, snail, slugs, bees, ladybirds, beetle and a musical note symbol. These are all presented on the reels in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game with excellent cartoon animation and they are all drawn in a very fun and cute style. The different symbols all arrive on the reels with an individual wiggle and dance that is performed in 3D and looks fantastic. This element really adds value for the players as the insect figures look really funny and loveable. The other visual effect that is important in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is the title text that is displayed to players.

The title text in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is presented in a vibrant purple colour and italic font that looks excellent. The text is centralised and includes a small beetle flying through the middle of the text. These three visual elements of the Beetle Mania Deluxe slot game when combined have a fantastic end effect that players will love and really enjoy. The sound effects of the Beetle Mania Deluxe slot are equally as impressive as the games musical theme is continued with an excellent sound track. The sounds manage to enhance the playing atmosphere for players and all of the different winning line combinations have their own sound effect. The bonus rounds in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game all have their own sound effects that are sounded to signalize the start of that particular feature. The next important factor for a player when they are enjoying a casino slot game is the game play that is offered to players. The game play of a slot game governs the format of the slot and the bonus rounds that can be accessed. The format of this slot game is a five reel and ten win line game meaning that players can play with between one and ten win lines active.

The bonus features in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game are guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping for players. The first of the bonus features is the scatter bonus which is represented by the musical note symbol. The player to trigger the bonus must spin into the screen three of these symbols and this results in ten free spins. If during the ten free spins the player manages to spin in the beetle symbol to the middle reel all winnings will be doubled which is a fantastic feature for players to win. The next bonus feature in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is the substitute bonus which is shown by the bee symbol. The bee symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to help create a winning line across the reels. This can dramatically increase player’s chances of winning and being successful when playing the casino slot game. The last bonus in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game is the optional gamble bonus where the player is given the chance to double or lose their prize fund. This gamble bonus is a fifty / fifty chance bet and can result in the player increasing their prize fund rapidly. The three bonus features offered in the Beetle Mania Deluxe game make for a very exciting slot game experience that players will love.